Moar Gifs

P.S. that rolling breakfast sausage is my dog, Sher. He can only roll over half way, because he's fat ...

Morning Coffee

                                             I'm an addict.

Chicks, cats and more chicks.

A few designs I did a while back, I really need to post more often...

Peeps and Pets

All the cute peeps and pets!

Pinky Danger

Sometimes, I wished I dyed my hair pink and changed my name to Pinky Danger...


When it's dark and quiet on the road, we like to sing karaoke in the car and pretend to be Axl Rose.


Silent Hill

I gotta draw more... I have been slacking alot lately... Here's some Silent Hill!


I was watching the new Star Trek movie, when Darryl mentioned how awkward Spock squats in that one scene. So I decided to draw some squating Spocks. I made some buttons of them, I hope all the cools kids got one on Industry Day! 


I'm slightly embrassed to say I love watching Jerseyilcious. But it's like a drug and soo funny, the ladies there are just super sassy.. Here's Olivia and Tracy...

Yeti: Colour Script

A post I should have posted a few months ago. Anyways, here's the colourscript for my fourth year film.

Knitting Knitting

A little yeti gif from my thesis film...