Another quick sketchie, on mah old forgotten tablet

Human Planet

Did a quick doodle while watching BBC's Human Planet. Ahhh, John Hurt's voice makes my heart melt!

Top Model

I was watching America's Next Top Model and these ladies are feisty! But they're so much fun to draw, such awesome characters. Thanks Darryl Kee for all your help with composition and stuff!

"Awww hell naw... girl, she did not eat your tortilla chips"

Hot Chick

I was bored drawing Yetis, so I drew a chick instead.


I like hippies ...

Marker Sketchies!

I had some fun at extra life drawing with mah markers


Some visual development for my 4th year film

Chinese Drama

Recently, I'm watching a new Chinese drama. It's about bad ass triads and undercover cops. But whenever I watch it...I'm always in a constant state of frustration. I don't think this is healthy for me. But it's so addictive.


Happy Birthday Minh

Today is Minh's Birthday, so I decided to draw a picture. BROS for LIFE!


Sometimes, I just get upset with Darryl.

Things We do at Work

Yesterday, Victor sent a link to Nooree and I. Nooree took a while to open the link, but the wait was worth it... her high pitch scream of terror echoed in the studio...and I just laughed a little bit inside.


"When the boarding gets tough, we like to build forts and stuff.."